Fundraising Party in Favor of Street Children 2001

Fundraising Party in favor of Street Children


Together So That No Arab Child Sleeps in the Street


In an unprecedented experience to be undertaken by ACCD, and upon the initiative of HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdel Aziz, ACCD organized a Fundraising Party in favor of street children at Semiramis Inter-Continental Hotel in Cairo on 11 July 2001. It aimed at raising funds for the sake of this desperately bereft category and stimulating the public's awareness with their problems, as well as the dangers of the phenomenon on the society. 

The Party was attended by about 1000 invitees representing Arab businessmen, presidents of private institutions, public figures, experts in the field of street children, representatives of supreme councils and national committees for childhood, delegates from regional and international organizations, members of the Arab diplomatic corps, artists, media figures... etc.

The Party held the slogan hoisted by HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdel Aziz "Together So That No Arab Child Sleeps in the Street". A number of Arab volunteered super stars participated in this Party namely: Mohamed Abduh, Hisham Abbas, Amal Maher, the Lebanese Four Cats Pop Group, and the Light and Hope Orchestra. Samir Sabry was the master of the Party, and the composer Ammar Al-Shereiy donated a song called "the street child", to the Party confirming the importance of art in educating and raising the awareness of people on the social problems. It was sung by Amal maher and the lyrics were written by Gamal Bekheet. ACCD also produced "the Street Children Operetta" presented by Hassan Moustafa with a chorus of children from the Ballet and Conservatoire Institutes.

Five Arab TV channels broadcasted this musical event that lasted for a very late hours: the Music Channel, Public Channel of ART, Egyptian Channel 2, Egyptian Satellite Channel and Nile Channel for Family and Children. 

The executive and preparatory steps were accompanied with a media campaign since the media is considered an essential partner that fosters ACCD's efforts to attain its goals. The campaign depended on different media tools and it has effectively contributed to raising Arab public awareness.

Donations were collected during the Party through the phone on air and from the sponsored tables. They totaled round L.E. 3 Million and were all allocated to ACCD's Project of Confronting the Phenomenon of street children in the Arab World.