ACCD Performance Report 2013

ACCD Performance Report 



The year 2013 came to represent the last year of the Strategic Plan (2011 - 2013) of the Arab Council for Childhood and Development (ACCD), which was prepared based on mechanisms of advocacy, networking, capacity building, the provision of information and raising social awareness of childhood issues in the Arab world, in order to achieve the desired effect, under the patronage and guidance of HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz, President of ACCD, as well as the support of the Arab Gulf Development Programme for Development (AGFUND) and the partners. ACCD has succeeded in implementing several projects and activities, including the completion of the Arab Project for Protecting Street Children in five Arab countries, the preparation of a Regional Study on Media and Addressing the Issues of Children's Rights, that was applied on samples of six Arab countries, and drafting a Strategy for the Development of Community Participation in Education.
The year 2013 has also marked the beginning of developing a new trilogy strategy (2014- 2016) that adopts a vision based on introducing a new model of social upbringing for Arab children, based on effecting a cultural change that ensures new upbringing for a new world and emphasizes the need for considering children's vision in such upbringing, which may intersect and vary with the vision of the adults to their world and ambitions. Conceptual and methodological frameworks have been developed to prepare a study on the social upbringing of children in the Arab countries, and a project on the inclusion of children with disabilities in education and society, in addition to an action program that adopts a new philosophical approach in the rehabilitation of street children through education for hope and developing their human-self using non-traditional methods, thus providing inclusion for them as active individuals in society. We know that the next stage needs more determination and concerted efforts in light of what the Arab region witnesses of the radical changes that have affected positively and negatively the status of children. Therefore, we are hopeful to continue - in a spirit full of optimism - the effort with new shapes and mechanisms appropriate with the stage and its effects, collaborating with partners and hoping that our Arab countries would achieve safety, stability and prosperity. We wish to be worthy of our children, and to prepare them all possible ways for a new and appropriate upbringing that ensures their rights and achieves their dreams and ambitions for a better life.


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