What is ACCD?

The Arab Council for Childhood and Development (ACCD) is an Arab non-governmental development organization that has a legal entity and operating in the field of childhood under the presidency of HRH Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Talal Bin Abdul Aziz. ACCD was founded in 1987 upon the initiative of the late HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz, and a resolution issued by the Arab League's Conference on "Childhood and Development" that was held in Tunisia in 1986. The headquarters of ACCD is Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt, and its relationship with the host country is governed by a special agreement that defines its identity and legal status.

What is ACCD Vision?

ACCD is seeking to be a leading organization in the field of child rights in the Arab world, and a reference for institutions, individuals and families to raising up of an Arab child able to participate in the development of his society and deal with the rapid global changes.   

What is ACCD Mission?

ACCD works towards developing an Arab environment that promotes child rights in development, protection, participation and inclusion, within the context of the family and the society, through cooperation and effective partnership with governmental, non-governmental, regional and international organizations, in order to enable children to participate and interact positively in life, accept others, and love their homeland.

What are the Strategic Goals of ACCD?

ACCD seeks to encouraging and adopting ideas, studies, projects, legislations and policies that aim at activating child rights, and integrating them into the development plans and projects, through:

1 - Providing data and information and developing specialized knowledge related to Arab child rights, in addition to exchanging them with concerned research centers and institutions.

2- Mobilizing and promoting the Arab public opinion to support child rights in cooperation and coordination with the media and other development institutions.
3 - Developing effective partnerships and networks with civil society organizations and governmental institutions to attract more activists and institutional bodies, and adopting legislations and policies that advocate child rights.  
4 - Providing technical support and capacity building for the staff working in the field of childhood in governmental and non-governmental institutions, media, families, as well as decision, policy and legislations makers.

What are the Policies of ACCD?

1 - ACCD adopts humanitarian development policies that call for the culture of child rights and the development of the child status; without any discrimination of sex, religion, color, or economic, political or social conditions.

2 - ACCD's policy stems from basic principles and concepts that guarantee development, protection, participation and social integration to ensure the welfare of Arab children and provide a safe humanitarian educational environment through which future generations would absorb values ​​of love, cooperation, work and living with, and accepting others.  

3 - ACCD's policy tends to ensure an integrated perspective in its efforts and projects towards improving the performance of services provided for Arab children and their families, as well as all institutions concerned with the development of childhood quantitatively and qualitatively. This is achieved through partnership with media organizations, higher councils, national committees, NGOs and governmental bodies working in the field of childhood.

4 - ACCD shall, whenever possible, focus its work and projects on the poor neighborhoods, village, countryside, nomadic and rural children and their families, as well as children in difficult circumstances, in addition to urging the promotion of services provided to them.

5 - ACCD's policy depends on internal and external monitoring and evaluation, in order to achieve objectivity and transparency within and outside ACCD, which represents a fundamental pillar that governs ACCD's mobility and work in the framework of objectivity and democracy.

What are the fields of work of ACCD?

In its activities for promoting child rights, ACCD focuses on the following fields:


Comprehensive development of the child cognitively, emotionally, physically, recreationally and culturally, and caring for talents and creativity in arts, science and literature.

Child protection from violence, abuse, exploitation and mistreatment.

Child's participation in all relevant matters that affect his life, and the freedom of expression for his views.

The full inclusion and capacity development of children with disabilities and children in difficult circumstances, in education and all aspects of life.

What are the financial resources of ACCD?

In the development of its resources,  ACCD depends on the support of its President to cover operating expenses and on the contributions from individuals and civil organizations, governmental and international Zakat funds, as well as investments, whether in kind or money, all provided that they are not contradicted with the objectives of ACCD or prejudice to its independence.

How can I cooperate with ACCD?

ACCD is a non-profit organization, and it does not provide financial funds. ACCD depends in its work on building partnerships and cooperation with governmental bodies and Arab civil society organization, as well as the related regional and international organizations.

ACCD welcomes cooperation with various sectors working in the field of childhood, regarding implementing projects and programs that are related to the fields of priority according to ACCD's strategic plans. ACCD provides technical and consulting support according to the available capacities.  

To cooperate with ACCD, you can contact us on: [email protected]

How can I join ACCD's Membership?

ACCD has no membership, however you can cooperate with ACCD in its activities and events announced in this website and ACCD's page on facebook