Secretary General

Dr. Hassan El-Bilawi

Secretary General

Arab Council for Childhood and Development (ACCD)



- Secretary General of ACCD (Current - 2010).

- PhD in "Sociology of Education", University of Pittsburgh, USA.1982.

- Professor of sociology of Education, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.

- Chairman of the Committee of Educational Studies Sector at the Supreme Council of Universities, Egypt.  

- Member of the Council of Enlightenment and Culture against Terrorism, Cairo University.

Previous Positions: 

- Dean of Faculty of Education, Banha University, Egypt (1995-1999).

- Director of National Center for Examination and Evaluation of Education, Egypt (1998-1999).

- Dean of Faculty of Education, Emirate University, United Arab Emirates (1999-2001).

- First Undersecretary of Ministry of Education and the Director of Education Sector in Egypt (2001-2005).

- Senior Advisor to the Minister of Education, Egypt (2006-2009).

- Senior Advisor & Expert in international organizations.

Researches & Publications:

- "Education Reform in the Third World" (1998).

- "Sociology of the School" (1992).  

- "Cultural Development and Enlightenment" (Co-author, 2004).

- "Quality Assurance in Education" (2006).   

- "Contemporary Sociology of Education" (2011).

- "Knowledge Empowerment of the Egyptian Youth" (2016).

- "Sociology of Education and Development: Integrated Education for Integrated Development" (2017).

Dr. El-Bilawi was the Director of major projects of Education Reform, including:

- "National Standards of the Egyptian Education" (2003).

- "National Strategic Plan for the Pre-University Education Reform" (2007/2008-2011/2012), Ministry of Education, Egypt.

- Senior Advisor of the Project "Guiding Framework of Performance Standards for Arab Teachers", (2010), the League of Arab States and UNICEF.


The first author of the Second Arab Knowledge Report (2010/2011). Also, the First Author of the Third Report "Arab Knowledge Report" (2014), issued by the UNDP and Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Development.


As the Secretary General of ACCD, Dr. El-Bilawi has conducted and developed several projects and studies in the field of childhood development in the Arab countries.

Member of several Arab and international academic and professional organizations and councils.