Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

ACCD focused on the stage of early childhood because of its direct and indirect impacts on the formation of child's personality. In this regard, ACCD has cooperated with several bodies to raise awareness of the importance of this stage, and improve the efficiency of the workers in kindergartens. Among ACCD's accomplishments in this regard:

  • Conducting studies to analyze the reality of Arab kindergarten as based on a comprehensive survey of studies in kindergarten field, as well as holding seminars and workshops to discuss issues related to early childhood development since in 1991.

  • Preparing specialized female cadres in handicapping field to work as home visitors to orient the mothers of handicapped children, through ACCD's adopting the project of "Home Program of Early Intervention for Training the Mothers of Handicapped Children" in 1992. The program was implemented in seven Arab countries in collaboration with AGFUND. In addition, a Manual on "Disability, Care Institutions and Rehabilitation of the Disabled in the Arab World" was issued. 

  • With the aim of expanding the spheres of health care and school environment, and improving health and environmental services for the students and those dealing with them in the Arab region, ACCD held a regional conference under the title "Promoting School Health and  Environmental Awareness in the Arab World", in 1999.

  • Issuing the quarterly magazine, "Khatwa", to be specialized in early childhood. The magazine is subject to the scientific supervision of the experts in the field, in cooperation with AGFUND.

  • ACCD has also contributed in diagnosing the reality of early childhood problems in the Arab world from birth till the fifth year, through Analytical Report to identify different problems, and analyze their causes, as well as identifying different problems, and highlighting the role of different states to deal with these problems. This Report would be a platform for a comprehensive Arab strategy on early childhood.