Development of Child Culture

Development of Child's Culture

Since the early years of its establishment, ACCD paid attention to the cultural and recreational side of the Arab children, which is reflected through conducting the Conference entitled "Towards a Better Future for the Arab Child' in 1988, and supporting the Cairo International Film Festival for Children for nine years to encourage the Arab children cinema industry. Further, ACCD issued the First Code of Ethics for Workers in Children Filmmaking, in cooperation with the Cairo International Film Festival for Children in 1991. ACCD is also credited for encouraging the innovation and design of an Arab cartoon character for the Arab child, that inspires its characteristics and values from the Arab environment, through the announcement of the Competition for Arab Cartoon Character in 1996.  

  • ACCD also encouraged the development of cultural centers for children in the Arab world. Currently, the first pilot centre in Jordan is being established in cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Culture.

  • ACCD organized the Conference of "The Arab Child Subject to Different Cultural Influences", in 2005 in Bibliotheca of Alexandrina. The Conference aimed at monitoring the various indicators to the cultural reality of the Arab child, and determining their nature and level of effectiveness in shaping the social and cultural reality of the child. 

  • In the same context, ACCD held the Conference of "Arab Child Language in the Era of Globalization", in 2007, at the LAS, that aimed to spotting the status of the Arab child language in the era of globalization. ACCD has developed a Strategy on Arab child language, which is adopted by the LAS. This Strategy aims at preserving the basic ingredients of the Arab child language, and enabling Arab children to acquire language skills that qualify them to use their language efficiently.

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