Combating Violence against Children

Combating Violence against Children

 In combating violence against children, the efforts exerted by ACCD emerged in the pivotal role it has played through its membership in the Regional Steering Committee for the Middle East and North Africa to United Nations Secretary-General's Study on Violence against Children. ACCD was responsible for coordinating with the higher councils and national committees of childhood in the Arab states, and following-up the mobilization of governments towards the questionnaire on violence against children. Also, ACCD has effectively contributed in the regional consultative meetings on violence against children held in the framework of the preparation for the Study, through coordinating the efforts of civil society.

In implementing the recommendations of the UN Study on Violence against Children,   ACCD has adopted a project that aims at breaking the Arab silence and gripping attention towards the issue of violence against children, through raising the efficiency of media cadres and investing media channels in orienting the public opinion towards the violence practiced against children. The first step in implementing this project was given in holding a "Regional Workshop for Arab Media Figures" under the slogan "Together to End Violence against Children" in June 2007 in Cairo. Through this workshop, the establishment of the Arab Media Network to combat violence against children has been announced, selecting ACCD to be the coordinator of the said Network. Also, during the workshop, A Code of Ethics for Arab Media Figures on Confronting Violence against Children was drafted. ACCD aims to activate the Network, expand the circle of its membership, and build the capacity of media cadres, as well as contribution in the preparation and broadcasting of media programs with the participation of children and civil society organizations to end violence against children. Therefore, a series of national workshops for media people has been held by ACCD in Yemen, Jordon, Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Tunisia.  

As a result of ACCD's efforts in this field, it has been selected to be the Representative for the Middle East and North Africa Region in NGO Advisory Council for Follow-up to the UN Study on Violence against Children, which was recently founded to promote and support the participation of civil society organizations on the local, regional and international levels to follow up advocating for the issue of confronting violence against children with the governments, the organizations of the United Nations and others, to implement the recommendations of a the UN Study on Violence against Children, in addition to advocating for the establishment of the post of Special Representative of the Secretary-General regarding violence against children, and cooperating with the Special Representative once appointed.

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