Media Observatory for Child Rights

Media Observatory for Child Rights




Research and studies confirm the fact that Arab child rights are violated by media, and recognizing the important role which is played by media observatories in identifying, uncovering, and analyzing such violations, ACCD is going to launch a media observatory in the field of child rights.  

The Goal:

Improving the performance of Arab media regarding the issues of child rights.

Main Objectives:

- Launching media observatory for child rights, to identify the positive and negative factors of covering child right issues in media, in addition to pushing media towards the positive tackling of such issues.  

- Stemming the learned lessons of media experiences in Arab and foreign countries.

- Analyzing the media approaches that tackle the issues of child rights.

- Monitoring media materials related to child rights issues.


ACCD is implementing this project in partnership with AGFUND and the League of Arab States.  

Project Status:

Ongoing Project: (2011 - 2013)

For more information, please contact: [email protected]