Developing the Culture of Arab Child

Developing Child Culture

The Project of Establishing & Upgrading Pilot Centers for

Developing the Culture of Arab Child  



ACCD has adopted a project based on the idea of establishing distinguished special cultural centers for children and replicate them throughout the Arab world. The vision behind establishing such pilot center is to create a suitable environment which helps in upbringing the child culturally, and forming his/her character, in addition to developing his/her creative, cognitive, emotional and social skills. This is going to be achieved throughout practicing a number of activities that depends on free performance, self education and participation. The Cultural Center of Princess Salma for Childhood (affiliated to the Jordanian Ministry of Culture and located in Al Zarkaa governorate, Jordon) has been selected to be the pilot center of this project. The Center is officially opened in June 2008, and ACCD's role concentrates on providing technical and consulting support for this Center, as well as feeding it with the necessary elements and tools for the different cultural and artistic activities.

The Goal:

Completing supporting and evaluating the Cultural Center of Princess Salma for Childhood.

Main Objectives:

1. Completing supporting the Cultural Center of Princess Salma for Childhood.

2. Training administrative and technical staff of the Center on the fields of child rights and mechanisms of child parliament.

3. Establishing child parliament as an internal activity inside the Center.

4. Evaluating and documenting the experience of supporting the Cultural Center of Princess Salma for Childhood, to be a model in Arab countries.


ACCD is implementing this Project in partnership with AGFUND, and the Jordanian Ministry of Culture.

Project Status:

Ongoing Project

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