Arab Children Forums Network

Arab Children Forums Network


The Establishing Forum of Arab Children concluded with a number of recommendations emphasizing the necessity of launching an interactive website for Arab Children Forum, with the aim of providing a constructive dialogue among children in the Arab world on issues related to them. The implementation of these recommendations was considered to be mandatory for promoting the Arab children right to participation, and therefore, there was a necessity for organizing children participation in a sustainable manner, through creating a social environment supporting their rights of participation, in order to enabling children to express their opinions in issues related to them. This process requires introducing children to their rights and its practice methods, as well as raising awareness of parents and school staff on the importance of listening to children in family and school, in addition to helping them to obtain knowledge that enables them to form and express their opinions.

In this regard ACCD has launched a website for Children Forum (, in addition to establishing children forums at national level in Yemen, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Egypt in cooperation with Childhood Higher Councils and National Committees, and civil society organizations, and the process will continue to include other Arab countries.


-  Providing a space for discussion and exchanging opinions through a website, aiming at encouraging Arab children to identify and discuss their problems. 

- Promoting forming national children forums, where children are electing their representatives to participate directly in the decisions and plans of Arab Children Forum. 

- Identifying the problems and concerns of children in the Arab countries, and involving them in suggesting solutions.

- Adopting and developing programs based on the suggestions and ideas of children.

-  Identifying and disseminating the different experiences of children participation in the Arab countries.  




Sawa Online Website:

Sawa online is an interactive website based on the technology of content management system (CMS), and it includes a portal for all national websites of children forums.

The website offers every child the possibility of creating his/her own website, granting Arab children the opportunity to establish live conversations among them; whether within the National Forum of their country or in dialogues with children from other Arab countries and other national forums. In its provision, activation, and proposing innovations, the website depends primarily on the active participation of the children themselves, by introducing their thoughts about their daily lives, their schools; the activities they do and their relationships to their families, as well as the problems they face in their lives, adding their contributions; whether technical, social, sporting, psychological or historical, through a story, a movie, a painting, a song or an article, etc.. It can also be lively discussions between the children and some officials as shall be agreed upon and arranged.

The Goal:

Providing a constructive dialogue between children in the Arab world on issues related to them.

Target Group:

The website addresses children ages eight to fourteen, aiming at providing children with a permanent sphere to express themselves to decision makers in Arab countries and international community.