Documentary Film on Child Participation

Documentary Film on Child Participation in the Arab Countries


Film Description:

The film seeks to identify the reality of children daily life, so that we, as viewers, would follow the status of participation of Arab children at home, school, club and the society, in order to discover the status of child participation in decisions affecting their daily lives, and the degree of children and adults' understanding to participation; in a manner that guarantees adults' support to the children, so as to enhance their participation in their lives and try to improve that through decision-makers and the public, on both professional and media levels.

Goal of the Film:

Consolidating practices that support child right to participation.

Film Duration: 24 minutes.

Geographical Frame: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, and Lebanon.




Methodology and Technical Framework:

To monitor children participation in different aspects of life, discussions with different groups of children in the age group of 9 to 14 years old were held; about their understanding of the idea and quality of ​​participation they undertake and are willing to do. This is in addition to holding interactive theater workshops with children, shooting the discussions raised with the children, and recording a number of individual interviews with children within schools, cultural centers, theaters, NGO's headquarters, which provide services for children. Also, visits were done to some families, meeting and filming a number of children in their homes, in addition to meeting the parents and those dealing with the children; such as teachers, social activists, workers in civil society organizations that care about working with children. Shooting the film, it was taken into account adopting "Dugma" methodology, which use locations' natural lighting, depending on the state-of-art SLR cameras, distinguished for its small size and ease of transport, in order not to affect the natural and spontaneous children performance.



ACCD has produced this film with the support of AGFUND and in partnership with Gudran Association for Arts and Development, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Solidarity, Women, Family, and Social Development in Morocco, National Commission for Childhood - Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia, National Council for Childhood and Motherhood in Egypt, Higher Council for Childhood in Lebanon, in addition to some civil society organizations.

Film Staff:

Film Technical Manager: Sameh El Halawani  

Film Director: Nawara Mourad

Cinematographer: Basher Wageh

Film Montage: Omar Khouder

Film Music: Nawar Youssef