Arab Children Forum 2010

Arab Children Forum

Children Participation in

The Third Arab Civil Society Forum for Children

Cairo: 22-25 February 2010


The Arab Council for Childhood and Development (ACCD) had conducted a study on the role of Arab civil society organizations, working in the area of childhood, in the collection and use of data for program planning. The study had covered 11 Arab countries. Part of the study was allocated to the extent of children's knowledge of their rights, and to their roles in planning for programs directed to them. The study had ascertained the weak participation of children in data collection and in planning, and had also shown that 81% of researched children declared their desire for participation.

Goal of the Children Forum:

To ascertain the right of children to express themselves and have their input with regard to programs that are directed to and affecting them (to advocate children participation in the planning and decision making process, and follow up and evaluation in child related issues).  



  1. Establishing a permanent Arab children forum as a part of the Arab civil society forum for children, where by children will be able to introduce their issues and participate in the forum's orientation

  2. Setting up of a website to enable children to communicate to the SRSG and to decision makers

  3. Drafting of a child friendly version of the Arab childhood plan to enable children to discuss it and state their vision

  4. Identifying role and methodology of children in data collection as a step for their participation in the upcoming study of the Arab children situation study.


Activities of Children Forum:

  1. Discussing the Arab Childhood Plan.

  2. Interacting with the Special Representative for the Secretary General (SRSG) on violence against children

  3. Presentation for the role of children in data collection, planning, and follow up.

  4. Discussing the draft paper of the forum establishment and electing forum committees.


Activities are to be implemented based on the following axis:

  • Review of the Arab Childhood Plan

A child friendly version of the plan will be developed and discussed with children. Their recommendations will be sent to the League of Arab States for the mid-term review of the Arab Childhood plan.

  • Arab children and the SRSG dialogue on violence against children

Children will meet the SRSG and discuss the role of her office in combating violence against children n the Arab region, as well as the possibilities for Arab children voice to reach the SRSG directly, and decisions makers in the Arab World.

  • Child participation in data collection and planning:

Children, from a number of Arab countries will present their expertise in data collection, planning, and alternative reporting to the CRC. The goal of which is to come up with suggestions on child participation in planning, implementation, follow up, and evaluation in programs directed to them.

  • Children's forum document discussion

Children will discuss the basic document for their forum reflecting their ideas and suggestions on the principles of the forum, its activities, and its consultative and managerial committees' elections.


The Expected Output:

It is expected that by forming such a forum children will:

  1. Contribute to the Arab childhood plan.

  2. Be more aware of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  3. Encourage the formation of such forums at the country and local levels.

  4. Have a channel to communicate to SRSG on VAC.

  5. Have their own mechanism for communicating their issues and addressing decision makers.


The Role of ACCD:

As being selected to be a permanent secretariat for the Arab civil society forum for children, the ACCD will continue to play the same role for children's forum. A web site will be developed with the participation of children where by Arab children will be able to express their opinions and declare their ideas with no interference. As well ACCD will adopt children's suggestions, proposals, and ideas and communicate them to the decision makers in the Arab world as well as to the international community. 

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