Call for Establishing Higher Councils for Childhood


Call for Establishing Higher Councils and

National Committees for Childhood in Arab Countries


ACCD has been the first to call for the importance of establishing higher councils and national committees for childhood in the Arab countries, upon an initiative of HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdel Aziz, the President of ACCD. He realized that such councils and committees would create the coordination which is lacking among the varied and widespread governmental and non-governmental organizations whose task is to support childhood in the Arab World. They will also examine several problems that millions of Arab children are facing. 

Hence, ACCD initiated a study conducted by a distinguished group of Arab researchers in nine Arab countries followed by a meeting with the leaders of these councils, committees and a number of NGOs working in the field of childhood and motherhood in June 1994. The recommendations of the meeting stressed the importance of the independence of such councils and committees and the need to take prompt action to establish higher councils for childhood in the Arab countries that do not have such bodies.

Moreover, ACCD continued to implement the second phase of the study which covered seven Arab countries. In June 1995, ACCD held a workshop for the leaders of recently established councils and committees with the aim of preparing an Arab project to support and activate the role of such councils and committees.

In sequence with its efforts in following up establishing such higher councils and national committees for childhood, ACCD held a workshop in June 1999 in Cairo. Representatives of higher councils and national committees from 13 Arab countries participated in the workshop, in addition to federations, NGOs, regional and international organizations, and specialized scientific institutes and centers.

The workshop aimed at identifying the status of higher councils, national committees and coordinating bodies working in the field of childhood in Arab countries, as well as exchanging experiences and examining coordination mechanisms.

The workshop stressed the importance of enhancing the role of those supreme councils and national committees within the bodies of ACCD. It also recommended ensuring regular contacts to further joint action and cooperation in order to overcome potential difficulties and obstacles.

Further, ACCD is following up and coordinating the efforts exerted for the children at the Arab level, through its membership in the Arab Committee for Childhood of the Arab League, which membership includes Arab higher councils and national committees for childhood.