Workshop on Children with Disabilities


ACCD is preparing a Manual on assistive technology for

children with disabilities  


ACCD has held a Workshop on preparing a guiding manual for spreading awareness on the assistive technology for children with disabilities, on the 22nd of May 2017. The Workshop has been attended by more than 10 experts specialized in the fields of disability and child rights.

This Manual is a component of ACCD's Project of "The Use of Assistive Technology to Support the Inclusion of Arab Children with Disabilities in Education and Society", which is included in ACCD's Strategic Plan (2017 -2020).  The Manual aims at spreading the knowledge of using assistive technology among parents and teachers, in addition to raising the awareness of children with disabilities seeking to realize an integrated society that promotes the rights of children with disabilities.

The participants of the Workshop have stressed the importance of this Manual and discussed the conceptual framework of the Guiding Manual, in addition they recommended the need to unify the concepts and terminologies, tackling the basic information and knowledge in this field and highlighting Arab experiences and success stories.   


Date: 22 May 2017