Child Labor

Child Labor

ACCD played an essential role in monitoring and confronting the phenomenon of child labor in the Arab countries. Among the most prominent achievements of ACCD in this regard:

  • Spotting the conditions of child workers in the Arab countries, through conducting the first regional study on child labor in 1993, including nine Arab states. The study was conducted in collaboration with the International Labor Organization (ILO) with the aim of determining the volume of the problem, its causes, and then proposing ways to addressing it.

  • ACCD undertook the translation and arabization of the comprehensive training program for the design, implementation and evaluation of the intervention programs generated to address the problem of child labor, in cooperation with the IPEC - ILO program and AGFUND.

  • In 2003, ACCD has developed a general guiding framework to address the problem of the worst forms of child labor. The framework has been circulated on the Arab states to make the best use of it, in cooperation with the LAS, the Arab Labor Organization (ALO) and the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

  • In the same context, ACCD has prepared an integrated strategy to confront the problem of the worst forms of child labor in cooperation with the LAS and the ALO.